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Menno Simons Memorial
Alt Fresenburg 1
23843  Bad Oldesloe

E-Mail: mail@mennokate.de

Opening Hours

Between 10 am – 4 pm by appointment, visit of the outside grounds any time

At the northern end of Bad Oldesloe on the federal road B 404 that leads to Bad Segeberg a thatched cottage stands on the grounds of Alt-Fresenburg Manor. It houses the memorial to Menno Simons. He is regarded as the most important preacher of Protestant Anabaptism succeeding Zwingli in the Dutch-North German area. He was the religious leader of the Mennonite denomination, which is the oldest Protestant Free Church. It was named after him. Menno Simons was born in Witmarsum/Westfriesland in 1496 and died in Wüstenfelde close to Bad Oldesloe in 1561. The printer’s shop that published Menno Simon’s writings, the ‘Fresenburger Drucke’, was once situated in the Menno cottage.