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Burg Forest Museum
Waldstraße 141
25712  Burg/Dithmarschen

E-Mail: info@burger-waldmuseum.de

Opening Hours

Good Friday until 31th Oct. Tue-Sun 11 am – 5 pm
groups by appointment

The Waldmuseum (forest museum) is located in an observation tower on the Wulfsboom, which is a 69 m-high older moraine elevation of the Hohe Geest. The visitor can enjoy an extraordinarily beautiful panorama of large parts of Dithmarschen from this landmark of the region. The view stretches from the mouth of the Elbe to the lowest land spot of Germany, which lies in the Wilstermarsch. It may seem surprising that the Waldmuseum, which is the only one of its kind in the country, is situated in this scarcely wooded coastal area of all places. This special museum exists since 1968 and emerged from the local school’s work in the forest. Considering the past 130.000 years, the geological history, as well as the history of the forests in this local area, are presented. Associated are plantings, which visualise the history of the forests, and ice-age detritus along the wood trail. Considerable collections on the local animal and plant world were developed. These collections are enlarged continually. The items on exhibition are changed from time to time. In addition to the presentation of scientific topics specific to the forest the museum also conveys information on recent problems concerning nature and environmental protection.