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Amrum Museum and Windmill
Maalenstegalk 12
25946  Nebel/Amrum

E-Mail: post@amrumer-muehle.de

The windmill in the village of Nebel on Amrum island is one of the few “companions of the wind” from the North Frisian historical times. It was built on the highest geest ridge of the island in 1771. In the first years pearl barley were husked in the so-called “Erdholländer” windmill (kind of tower mill that is built in Dutch style). In 1922 the windmill got a cellar. The corn was kept in the adjoined shed. The grinding stopped in 1963. On the initiative of the island’s pastor Pörksen, an association kept the mill and changed the building into a local history museum. The history of the building, the flora and fauna of the island and the sea, archaeological finds as well as traditional items are presented in the mill today.