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Frisian Museum
Osterweg 76
25899  Niebüll


Opening Hours

June-Sept. daily 2-4 pm, please make an appointment by phone (0175/414618) for other times

The about 200-year-old museum building, which has been preserved in its outer appearance and in its location, stands on the edge of the former village Deezbüll. Once built as a farmhouse of a 20-hectare farm, it has served as a North Frisian local history museum since 1929. The building belongs to the type of the so-called “uthlandfriesische Langhaus” (longhouse on the Frisian coast) because of its form and method of construction. Its framework mainly consists of oak and is timbered so solidly that in case of a storm tide it could withstand the water that would push in the walls. The orientation of the ridge of the steep thatched roof is from East to West. The house is divided into a living section in the West and a utility section in the East. The museum is under monumental protection today. It was completely renovated in 1996. The exhibition presents pre-industrial family life on a farm in North Frisia with furniture, household items, farming tools and all objects that were important for the daily living and working once.