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Mühle Anna und Heimatmuseum
Möhlnbarg 5
24354  Rieseby

E-Mail: mail@vmcr.de

Opening Hours

Sat-Sun 2-5 pm and by appointment.
The outdoor area of ​​the museum can be visited at any time during the day.

Knowledge of the history of the Schwansen region can be gained in this mill. Information on the development of the earth’s surface is provided, and there are fossils and finds from all epochs of prehistory on display. Photos, documents and other exhibits illustrate local history. A shoemaker’s shop, a forge and a cartwright’s shop represent old trades. Objects for spinning and doing the washing show women’s occupations, which are also indicated by a cradle for a little child and household tools. Prehistoric grindstones, rotating hand-mills, a pair of millstones, measures of capacity and mouse-traps can be seen in the section on mills and grinding. The old sawmill next to the windmill offers more space for exhibitions.