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Stone Age Village Albersdorf
Süderstr. 47
25767  Albersdorf

Fax: 04835-2137614
E-Mail: info@aoeza.de

Opening Hours

Apr.-Oct.: Tue-Sun 11 am - 5 pm

With the motto ‚experiencing natural and cultural history to preserve it for the future’ the AÖZA aims at reconstructing Neolithic cultivated land. On a site south of Albersdorf, which is very interesting in archaeological as well as environmental respect, a wooded open-air exhibition ground of approx. 40 hectare is created.
In this attractive refreshing area there are eight well-preserved megalithic tombs and ‘Langbetten’ (long burial mounds with stone edgings), which were erected along the west coast in the times of the first farmers and livestock breeders. The tombs, which are more than 5 000 years old, are easily accessible on well-developed trails. A special attraction is the newly-built Stone Age settlement. It consists of Neolithic houses, which are reconstructed in original size. An exhibition in the ‚Bürgerhaus’ of Albersdorf (Oesterstraße) informs about the project and its scientific background.