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Werner Weckwerth Museum
Wellumweg 50
25924  Friedrich-Wilhelm-Lübke-Koog

E-Mail: info@werner-weckwerth-museum.de/

Opening Hours

March-Oct. Fri-Sun 3-6 pm

The Werner Weckwerth Museum opened on April 28th in 2001. On an exhibition space of 300 square meters it houses the works of the painter Werner Weckwerth (1906 - 1996): oil paintings, watercolours, tempera paintings, pastels, drawings etc. that were made during a period of 60 years. Werner Weckwerth painted or drafted wherever he was: in war captivity, on travels (e.g. South France 1959, the Netherlands 1978) or in his respective residences (his home town Berlin, Dresden 1927 -1929, Cuba 1930 – 1931, Bavarian Forrest 1974 – 1987, Nordfriesland 1987 – 1996). The subjects and respective portrayals are diverse: “When I put a few coloured spots on a piece of paper the way I see it in my mind, the picture comes to life and dictates what has to be done next. Then I am not painting anymore but it paints in me.”