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Museum of Local History and Culture at the Mill
Mühlenstraße 19
24214  Gettorf

E-Mail: heimatmuseum@gettorf.de

Opening Hours

Thu 14.00-17.00
1st March to 1st Oct. additionally every 2nd and 4th Sun in the month (phone +49 (0)4346/8262, 04346/8743 or 04346/9392921)

The museum shows the development of farming, crafts and commerce. An exceptional feature of the presentation of crafts is that the visitors themselves can try out wood and metal work (please make an appointment). The exhibition comprises furniture and basic commodities from the Baroque to the 20th century. One main attraction is the so-called "Seidel room". One section of the museum is dedicated to pre- and early history.
Artists, associations and different types of professions present themselves in exhibitions that change several times a year.