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Jürgen und Maria Elisabeth Rasmus Stiftung
Hasenhöhe 30
22587  Hamburg

E-Mail: info@rasmus-stiftung.de

The ‘Jürgen and Maria Elisabeth Rasmus Foundation’ in Hamburg makes the donor couple's important collections of artworks and handicrafts accessible to the public. The declared purpose of the foundation is the promotion of art and culture in the form of the care and preservation of cultural values and the promotion of the fine arts.
The foundation's collection comprises 3 groups:

Paintings and drawings from the second half of the 19th century to classical modernism
Painters such as Carl Arp, Karl Buchholz, Hans Peter Feddersen, Theodor Hagen, Hans Olde, Paul Riess, Christian Rohlfs and Paul Baum are represented with larger groups of works. The foundation has 20 paintings by Paul Baum alone, a representative of the Weimar school of painting with pictures ranging from naturalism to pointillism.

Faience and porcelain
Due to the heritage of the Rasmus family, the collection initially focussed on faience from Stralsund and Marieberg, bringing together heirlooms from all parts of the family. Later, faience from Schleswig-Holstein was added to the collection, which now comprises 700 objects.

Glass from Baroque to Art Nouveau
The collection was expanded to include historical glass from the 17th to 20th centuries, which can be described as one of the most extensive and qualitatively significant of its kind in the world.